Improving OpenID's use of cryptography 3 - odds and ends

Martin Atkins mart at
Thu Jun 2 07:04:09 PDT 2005

Ken Horn wrote:
> Can we make sure that the spec details the full protocol and algorithms,
> rather than relying on specific implementation libraries/details? If
> openID is to take off, I think there will need to be many
> implementations in several (if not many) languages. Not trying to be
> bullish, but the conversations on the protocols always seem to veer into
> implementation discussions.

Sure, it's important to separate the protocol from the implementation to
a certain extent. However, the protocol must be designed with an eye to
implementation or else we'll end up with a protocol that's hard or
impossible to implement in practice.

If I can't implement/use your protocol, then your protocol discussion
was a complete waste of time.

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