against using user@host identifiers

Xageroth Sekarius xageroth at
Thu Jun 2 16:08:59 PDT 2005

The "tilde" idea is the same premise as what OpenID uses now.
Following link tags, not "some-obscure.xml" at the base root of any
directory. As far as support, as far as I'm aware japanese, chinese,
etc. keyboards support the character. What character is used really
doesn't matter.

"" bounces Consumer to identity services
just as "" would hit "" and bounce
Consumer to identity services.

Considering a weblog URL is an attribute of any given identity, it
would be trivial to query based on "" to determine the
weblog URL for that user. The difference being, the disclosure of that
attribute is up to control mechanisms and at the discretion of the
user. but then, what exactly does OpenID hope to achieve? The same
thing LID does? or more? less?

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