Field separators

Paul Crowley paul at
Mon Jun 6 01:22:09 PDT 2005

Jean-Luc Delatre wrote:
> *Where* is the need to parse back the signed string?

Whoops, I mistook the bit you were replying to.  Consumers need to parse 
the reply to get_authkey requests.

Dumb consumers need to parse the replies to check_authentication 
requests, but I'm increasingly thinking this should be simpler - after 
all, they're dumb, right?  So perhaps we should just send back a number 
which is a lifespan in seconds, with "0" meaning "denied".  If the need 
arises for more information to be available, the dumb consumers can 
always add a field to indicate that they can handle it.
\/ o\ Paul Crowley, paul at

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