Paul Crowley paul at
Wed Jun 8 12:40:03 PDT 2005

Brad Fitzpatrick wrote:
> All that might change at this point are naming issues and I think we will
> use text/plain "key: value\n" response instead of URL-encoded.

I've updated the spec to use "key:value\n" (and used the same format for 
the tokens, out of little more than obsessional personal neatness).  Let 
me know what naming changes you want.  I suggest you be dictator for 
this unless it strongly contravenes cryptographic practice, otherwise 
we'll get into more bike shed discussions.

Incidentally, I see the secret fetching as doing double duty: all the 
protocol negotiation stuff should happen then, so that we're not trying 
to do something so complex while using redirects to communicate.  This 
is only an aside because there's no real negotiation in this first revision.

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