PHP producer/consumer libraries?

meepbear * meepbear at
Fri Jun 24 19:47:57 PDT 2005

>My apologies if this has already been addressed, but do you by any
>chance have a PHP library ready for release?

I've been waiting on a HMAC/DH consumer and server (that wasn't written by 
me) to test against to make sure I got everything right. With the 
Livejournal announcement yesterday I'd guess I can do that sometime in the 
next few days.

After that, the code will probably need some cleaning up if it's going to be 
used by anyone but me since I never really wrote it with a public release in 
mind. :)
It's also written in PHP 5 right now and uses an interface for the callbacks 
whenever it needs something (fetching/storing handles in the database, 
authenticating users, etc) so that part would need a complete rewrite to 
work with PHP 4.

I gave up looking for a bigint class for PHP since as far as I can tell, 
noone ever wrote one and just started my own. I can add, substract, 
multiply, divide and divide with remainder and I think I figured out a way 
to do powmod using those so hopefully (fingers crosssed) it will result in 
being able to do DH without any extension dependency (which should make 
Nathan happy :) ).
It still needs a random number and pseudo-prime generator though and a 
thorough test.

Depending on how Google's summer of code turns out it will be finished some 
time next week if I don't get accepted, or otherwise I can just hand what I 
have off to the other student since he or she will be working on Wordpress 
support which will require a PHP implementation in any case.

If you had anything in mind on how you imagined interacting with the classes 
that would be very helpful too.

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