Anything wrong with my association?

Nathan D. Bowen nbowen+yadis at
Sun Jun 26 20:49:57 PDT 2005

Kristopher Tate wrote:

>I've been testing our implementation against the lifewiki consumer, and
>for some reason we're not getting back an assoc_handle from it. It seems
>to me that somehow it's rejecting our response to openid.mode=associate...
 From what I've seen, the LifeWiki consumer isn't sending assoc_handle 
to anyone (not you, not me, not LiveJournal). My assessment is that it's 
implemented as a dumb consumer. I don't remember it ever requesting an 
association from me in the first place (although I may have missed it).

>But moreover, how can we tell if a consumer
>thinks an ID server is dumb? look for the lack of openid.assoc_handle?
Strike that and reverse it -- the *consumer* is what gets to choose to 
be dumb (or not). The server detects a dumb consumer's request by lack 
of an assoc_handle. So if your server isn't getting an assoc_handle from 
the consumer, you know that you have to treat it as a "dumb" consumer 
that's going to be asking you to do a check_authentication.

Hope that helps!

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