Anything wrong with my association?

Mark Smith junior at
Mon Jun 27 01:13:00 PDT 2005

> I noticed that too with LifeWiki against LiveJournal.  I think Mark didn't
> give the consumer object a "cache" attribute, so the Net::OpenID::Consumer
> has no choice but to be dumb.

Definitely giving it a Cache::FileCache, and it's definitely got a bunch of
stuff in it:

[lifewiki @ plogs - /tmp/FileCache/Default] -> cat 0/3/8/038c1acba94bc2280a8b6fc3a285253bc20495f4
1117659210_Created_At-----BEGIN PUBLIC KEY-----

Seems to be about ~100 files in the /tmp/FileCache/Default directory.  Not
sure if this helps any, but... :)

Mark Smith
junior at

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