Super all-comprehensive specs/overview page

Paul Crowley paul at
Mon Jun 27 01:37:41 PDT 2005

Fantastic!  That must have been hard work, Brad, that's great!

Minor points:


We should probably refer to "simple mode" or "stupid mode" or "stateless 
mode" rather than "dumb mode" in the protocol specs.  "dumb" strictly 
means without the power of speech, and of course in that sense there are 
many intelligent dumb people.  It could be argued that "dumb terminals" 
don't say anything, though they pass on the keystrokes of their 
operators, but "dumb consumers" are more talkative than the other sort. 
  You can accuse me of being PC if you like, but it's been bothering me 
for a bit.  "stateless mode" has the advantage of being more descriptive 

It might be good to link to the output of my example generator, if 
that's still up to date with the protocol specs:

(Feel free to copy - actually I encourage it...)

There are some "same as checkid_immediate" notes missing.

A "lifetime" of 0 doesn't necessarily mean a signature mismatch; it 
could mean that the token has expired, or that there's some other problem.

A slight preference for s[w/][with]g since this isn't natural to everyone.

Having read to the end now, this is really great work!  I particularly 
like little touches like "if it's a GET request w/ no arguments, show a 
200 text/html saying..." - not something we've discussed on the list, 
but something really worth getting right.  Thanks again!
\/ o\ Paul Crowley, paul at

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