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Martin Atkins mart at
Mon Jun 27 18:52:17 PDT 2005

Troy Benjegerdes wrote:
> Now, what's the minimal set of code I need to be able to use the
> Net::OpenID::Server perl module without installing a whole livejournal
> server? ;)

I'm sure that now there's a very public, useful OpenID consumer
available it won't be long before someone writes a quick and easy
CGI-based OpenID server that can both drop in and be used and also serve
as a simple example for implementers.

It'll probably look something like this:

    get_args     => $QUERY_STRING_PARAMS  || {},
    post_args    => $POST_PARAMS || {},

    get_user     => sub {
        # Return some token about the remote user that you want
        # to be passed into is_identity as $user
    is_identity  => sub {
        my ($user, $ident) = @_;
        # Is the remote user the given identity?
        # your code here
    is_trusted   => sub {
        my ($user, $trust_root, $is_identity) = @_;
        # Is the trust_root already trusted?
        # your code here...
    setup_url    => "",
    server_secret => \&get_some_secret,
    secret_gen_interval => 3600,
    secret_expire_age   => 86400 * 14,

my ($type, $data) = $nos->handle_page(redirect_for_setup => 1);
if ($type eq "redirect") {
    return do_redirect($data);
} else {
    set_content_type($type) if $type;
    return $data;

That was just quickly hacked together based on the LiveJournal code.
I've not actually tested it because it's not a complete program!
Hopefully that'll give you something to work from, though.

You need to provide the subroutines get_some_secret, do_redirect and
set_content_type that are suitable for your application. I think the
server_secret thing can also just be a scalar value, though I'm not sure
what form it should take.

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