query parameters in identity URLs

Ask Bjørn Hansen ask at develooper.com
Mon Jun 27 21:30:11 PDT 2005

On Jun 27, 2005, at 9:15 PM, Brad Fitzpatrick wrote:

>   -- con: won't totally solve the problem for malicious attackers  
> anyway

Nothing will, will it?  Isn't that a matter of blocking malicious  
identity domains and identity servers anyway?

>   -- con: maybe somebody /wants/ to use bradfitz.com/?persona_a and
>           bradfitz.com/?persona_b  separately, just like foo 
> +bar at host.com
>           email separators

A Small Matter of Programming on their site will let them do that  
easily.   (Or even a few handmade html pages).   (unless I missed  

  - ask


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