Guestbook Broken

Martin Atkins mart at
Tue Jun 28 17:50:16 PDT 2005

(replying to myself)

The guestbook now works again. The remaining trouble with the blank
error message was actually my fault; it was a stupid typo.

However, the problem with the sig expiring still stands. Hopefully
LiveJournal will get a bigger expiry time at some point. Until then,
users who are using LJ for an identity server must enter their message
within 60 seconds.

I'm also occasionally getting back some strange errors, but perhaps
they're just transient oddities. I didn't really take most of them in
and just hit refresh, but one I got a moment ago was the
unexpected_url_redirect error. I went through again with the same
identity and no code changes and it worked. I assume something just

The guestbook is now, I believe, a suitable consumer to test "dumb" mode
against. You don't actually need to post a comment as all of the auth
and verification stuff happens in the first request which results in the
form. Part of the verification is repeated when the form is submitted,
but nothing that hasn't already been done for the previous request.

Of course, you can leave a message if you like. :)

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