Class and AJAX consumer demos updated: hell yeah!

Brad Fitzpatrick brad at
Tue Jun 28 23:04:48 PDT 2005

Check out the AJAX version now:

Notably it:

     -- doesn't use post_grant

     -- doesn't require you to click a link for user_setup_url if
        you don't get a positive assertion (but the link is still
        there in case you have a pop-up blocker installed)

     -- automatically turns green right after you setup trust on
        your openid server

     -- doesn't require you to press verify again

     -- closes its own window

It's damn smooth now.

BTW, If you're using LiveJournal as your OpenID server, remember you can
untrust sites at:

It's useful to untrust while testing to see the confirm boxes
coming up.


- Brad

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