Class and AJAX consumer demos updated: hell yeah!

Martin Atkins mart at
Wed Jun 29 01:05:15 PDT 2005

Brad Fitzpatrick wrote:
> Replying to myself yet more, Safari works now, pop-up blocking or not.
> The secret: works as long as it's in response to a mouse
> click event, so I do:
>   <a target="new_win" href="user_setup_url.html" onclick='return open_user_setup_url();' >
> Then JavaScript will run when a user clicks it (since the first popup
> didn't happen) and because the window is opened with JavaScript, it'll be
> able to talk to the other windows later.
> Bad description.
> I sleep.

I like the new flow much better. It's like simple mode but with a new
window. The new window is pretty-much indetectable unless you're looking
for it.

I've not yet quite convinced myself that this is a good idea, but I seem
to remember that in Firefox (and probably others) you can add
dependant=1 to the params string at the end of which will
then cause it to keep the new window on top of its opener until it's
closed. That should avoid users accidentally switching back to the old
window and opening another confirm window by mistake, while still
allowing them to minimize the window if they really want to.

Maybe it'd just be annoying, though. Opinions?

(Internet Explorer doesn't support this anyway, so maybe it's not worth
bothering. You have to use showModalDialog in IE, and that creates a
window without an address bar — unacceptable for us.)

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