OpenID consumer/server in PHP

Mario Salzer mario at
Wed Jun 29 03:32:05 PDT 2005

Stefan Koopmanschap wrote:
> livejournal. I was just wondering, is anyone already working on OpenID 
> stuff in PHP? Any project I can contribute to? Or is it time for me to 

Recent discussions seem to suggest that there are multiple in
preparation. I can tell about one that was uploaded two minutes

It is neither complete nor well tested, but seems to work with
itself at least. There is a consumer library and a server part,
and besides OpenID it also supports LID (both at the same time).
While it comes as part of a larger package, it can be used
standalone and just for OpenID/LID verification (the LID server
part is not yet ready).

It kind of supports the DH-crypted key exchanges by chaining to
python(1) and dc(1). I know that many PHP developers won't like
that, because this doesn't fit with the wheeloritis syndrome in
PHP land, but then it just works.

Because it doesn't support any of the OpenID .expiry parameters
and doesn't incorporate .trust_root into its user interface
( it should
be considered beta only. The API won't change much more, because
the restructuration for the new OpenID protocol made it much
more reliable.

And, btw, it already has userdb bindings for MediaWiki, phpBB,
Tiki, Drupal, Slash, PostNuke, WordPress and blubber blubber...

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