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Wed Jun 29 23:56:54 PDT 2005

I agree David. This is without a doubt a system that will quickly rid itself 
of those who bend too often, stretch too far, or purposely will ill intent 
break the moral code that, if not literally specified as part of the 
specification, we all obviously know they exist and when they've been 
broken. With the added element of having the ability to deligate to a new 
verification server then the concern of "losing one identity" goes away 
(who's specific idea/addition was this one... Genius. Shear and Remarkable 

With this in place the offenders will have no where to run and with options 
as to "where to validate now?" then this opens the possibility that one can 
realistically feel confident in sharing personal information in confidence 
to then share it with those you choose and only those you choose.

This also brings us back to the possible usage of the<>domain to be used for a variety of
purposes, one of them could be as an
interface to develop, update, and add or change permissions. If I remember 
correctly the concern with the usage of this domain was the connection to 
the openid identity when the focus of the project was to discourage anything 
that remotely resembled this scenario. But if a delegate became a required 
aspect of anyone using this domain to create an identity to act as a 
delegate as well as to securely manage your FOAF profile then it seems the 
original concerns are easily overcome.

If the domain were transfered to Brad or whomever is overseeing the .org 
side of things and then those who had interest in hosting an instance of 
this domain simply requested a thrid-tier domain (e.g.<>for members of the
ChannelXML project) and, if available, would be given
usage of this domain as long as they agreed to a much more strict set of 
guidelines such as those specific to the abuse of a users FOAF file, 

At present time I had plans to simply use this domain as a demonstration 
server where potential "customers" could register temporary user names to 
then use throughout the system to test things to see how and if it works to 
then list all available service providers in which they could gain service 
from if they were to "like what they saw".

Again, I simply want to help promote this project and I believe this is one 
way that could really do a great job of that. But if this is still seen as 
something that gains no real benefit while causing too much confusion then I 
have no plans to push this any further... Just want to help where and if I 
can :D

Cheers :)

On 6/29/05, David Recordon <david at> wrote:
> That is true, but removing it from your FOAF file doesn't mean servers 
> won't
> have stored it, let alone if they had that they will delete it. By 
> including
> it as part of the spec then at least servers that play well with others 
> will
> give users this control. Those that don't, I'd assume would be outed and
> banned by consumers.
> --David
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> The problem with this is that once a server has it -- it has it. there
> is no control over it. once it's out there, it's gone


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