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Ernst Johannes at
Thu Jun 30 10:37:32 PDT 2005

On Jun 30, 2005, at 8:16, Martin Atkins wrote:

> I'm getting a feeling in the back of my head that this "sharing  
> profile information" can be reduced to a much more generic problem.

I agree. In LID, we do this:
retrieves my formatted name (for the anonymous user)
the same in XML.

The list of what you can specify in the xpath parameter is unlimited,  
which I think is the generic mechanism that you are looking for.

To try out more, go to
which lists a lot more types of queries.

While OpenID uses one more level of indirection,
could be resolved by first determining the identity server by parsing  
the HTML MY-WEBSITE-URL, and then performing the xpath query there.

I realize that I'm doing a lot of talking about LID on this list now,  
and I apologize for doing that, but I feel a lot of the issues you  
guys have been raising for OpenID have been solved already in LID,  
and the solutions seem to apply with only trivial adaptations. Also,  
at least from my vantage point, convergence of fundamental  
technologies like digital identity technologies is good, and  
divergence is bad, so I'd like to contribute building bridges  
whenever possible ... Just to see how divergent the market is  
already, look at ...


Johannes Ernst
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