Non-HTML Links

Martin Atkins mart at
Wed May 18 09:53:08 PDT 2005

Brad Fitzpatrick wrote:
> I like the idea of multiple authoritive identity servers.  The convention
> in the 'rel' and 'profile' attributes seems to be to space separate the
> values, but that seems wrong in an 'href' attribute.  I'd say multiple
> link tags.  In that case:
>    - simple implementations will just use the first, and not be
>      confused by hrefs with multiple values
> I guess that's essentially it.  And we tell client authors:  you MAY check
> against any that they have specified.  It's most definitely not a _must_
> requirement.

Agreed. Multiple LINK tags is the route I would take, along with 
including any Link values in the response HTTP header for the purpose of 
associating with non-HTML documents. Links in the header and links in 
the HTML document can be considered equivilent in this case. Which they 
use in preference doesn't really matter, since they should all be 

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