OpenID vs Pubcookie & Kerberos..

Troy Benjegerdes hozer at
Thu May 19 20:29:44 PDT 2005

So, the second OpenID vs $OTHER_THING question of the day..

How is OpenID different than PubCookie?

I'll start by saying that PubCookie comes from university environments
that tend to have ldap and/or kerberos deployed. It seems to try to
provide cross-institution logins as well.

I also want to bring up, which I'm
using with the HTTP NEGOTIATE extension. 

What I'd really like is to be able to run my own OpenID server, and
authenticate to my openID server using modauthkerb, so I can then log
into my (windows|macosx|linux) system with kerberos, and get single
sign-on goodness to my openid server, which then gets me into everything
else I care about.

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