Graceful degradation

Sam Ruby rubys at
Fri May 20 05:23:13 PDT 2005

I like the fact that the there are AJAX and "classic" versions of the 
clients.  The question is: which one should a given comment form pick?

I think the answer should be both.  It will take a slight amount of 
work, but a rough outline sketch is as follows:

Inside the html, the "classic" version is included, with perhaps an 
additional marker "class='autoid'" or some such.  For non-javascript 
enabled clients, everything just works.

Additionally, the document contains a single line pointing to javascript 
contained in a separate file.  That script is responsible for detecting 
if ajax types of techniques are available, and rewriting the form before 
it is displayed.

The techniques required to do so are outlined in:

This is pretty straightforward, but I can certainly help out here.

Note: this is the one area where I would like OpenID to be XHTML 
compatible - this affects case sensitivity, which document methods are 
available, and the like.

Again, I can help out here.

- Sam Ruby

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