Blog URI, is it necessary?

Martin Atkins mart at
Fri May 20 10:21:16 PDT 2005

Ben Hyde wrote:
>> Alice needs to provide a unique URL that she has implied control over. 
>> This keeps a 1:1 mapping between a URL and a "user." LiveJournal can't 
>> go around asserting for everyone.
> What would that break?
> Longer form: what would break if the returned openid.assert_identity 
> wasn't identical to sent openid.is_identity?

That would turn the question from "Is Alice and LiveJournal logged in?" 
to "Which LiveJournal user is logged in?".

There's a privacy concern there, which is why you are required to ask 
for a particular user.

In theory you could split the request up into a request domain and a 
request user, but that's not really much different than a URL with both 
of those things in it.

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