Net::OpenID::Consumer 0.01 release

Brad Fitzpatrick brad at
Sat May 21 17:07:13 PDT 2005

Work-in-progress consumer library for Perl:


    -- fetching of page (with configurable user agent object; I recommend
       you use LWPx::ParanoidAgent, now available on CPAN) and returning
       a "ClaimedIdentity" object of what the user claims they are,
       but is not verified yet

    -- auto-discovery of openid servers

    -- hook to let you provide your subref to do openid server
       selection, given multiple options

    -- generation of "check" URL to send user to to get redirect

    -- reading of response parameters, returning either a user_setup_url
       or a VerifiedIdentity object (doing DSA validation with either
       Crypt::OpenSSL::DSA or your openssl binary)

    -- start of JSON responses for javascript UI

View the test file in t/00-all.t to see how to use the library, until the
docs are POD-ified.

Not done:

    -- caching plugins

    -- it only takes a hashref now for %GET params.  it's stubbed out to
       take a object or mod_perl $r as well, but didn't write the

    -- verifying with Crypt::DSA

    -- nonce hooks

    -- more "as_json" methods for return results to javascript (JavaScript
       Object Notation)

I'll be gone the next 5 or 6 hours, so feel free to send me patches!


- Brad

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