simple sample CGI code?

Troy Benjegerdes hozer at
Sun May 22 21:02:12 PDT 2005

I looked at it for a little bit, and replaced your website with
".$cgiurl.", but then I got stuck with a 'premature end of script'
error, and haven't really had time to figure out what is broken, or
dust off my CGI-debugging skills.

On Sat, May 21, 2005 at 02:46:56PM -0700, Dan Lyke wrote:
> Troy Benjegerdes writes:
> > I took a quick look at the LJ example, but I was wondering if anyone has
> > extracted (and posted somewhere) the minimal set of code to be an
> > openid server that runs at something like
> > 
> > 
> I don't have time to hack on stuff this weekend, but here's the 15
> minutes of doodling I did on Thursday or Friday.  If performance isn't
> an issue, just add Nathan Bowen's command line stuff from a few
> messages back where I've got the "INSERT CRYPTO STUFF HERE" note.
> Dan

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