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Dear moderator:

I'm having trouble sending from me subscribed to address
(Trevor at notcows.com). Could you forward the attached message to the
yadis mailing list?


Trevor R.H. Clarke

tclarke <mailto:tclarke at ball.com>  at ball com

Ball Aerospace & Technologies Corp

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Here's some initial work on an apache2 auth handler for OpenID. It's
written in python so you'll need mod_python to try it out. It uses
redirects to perform the necessary identification steps. To try it out:
put the mod_auth_openid.py file somewhere on your server (in the
example, /etc/apache2/extramodules) then add an .htaccess (or modify
httpd.conf) for a directory to use openid checks.

PythonPath "['/etc/apache2/extramodules/']+sys.path"

PythonAuthenHandler mod_auth_openid

AuthType Basic

AuthName "OpenID"

PythonOption trust_root http://www.notcows.com

require valid-user

The PythonOption trust_root is optional. If it does not exist,
openid.trust_root will not be set. Let me know how it works and please
post some patches/fixes as this is far from complete or robust. It might
function as a starting point for incorporating OpenID into MT, etc.


Trevor R.H. Clarke

tclarke at ball com <mailto:tclarke at ball.com>

Ball Aerospace & Technologies Corp

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