OpenId resolution TTL

Mark mark at
Tue May 24 07:47:08 PDT 2005


I can see great benefit to caching the mapping between OpenId URL that a 
user enters and the subsequent Authentication server that is found as a 
result. I think I've seen talk of this on the list before.  If such 
OpenId ID/Auth Server resolution caching were in place, could an 
optional openid-ttl value be configured so that Consumers would know how 
long to keep these cached values around? I could just see somebody 
screwing things up and being stuck with it permanently.  On the other 
end, I could see lots of unneeded bandwidth/CPU wasted by less 
intelligent OpenId URL implementation pages.

Is there a scenario where the process for resolving an Auth Server would 
vary from one user to the next using the same OpenId URL?


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