Coldfusion CFC Development

Bill Rawlinson bill.rawlinson at
Tue May 24 14:15:33 PDT 2005

I'll try to reread the spec again tonight and take a look at how some of the 
other languages are approaching it.
then if neither of you has started I'll try to take a crack at it before the 
week ends (or at least over the weekend).

On 5/24/05, Alan Williamson <alan at> wrote:
> Fantastic Bill .. so refreshing to see CFML is alive and seriously
> kicking!
> How about one of us takes a first stab then each of us can adapt adjust
> accordingly? By the time we've finished we'll have something that works
> straight out of the box as it where.
> Bill Rawlinson wrote:
> > If you guys ened up needing a third collaborator I'd be happy to pitch
> > in. Im running MX 6.1 but I imagine whatever CF solution is created will
> > be cross-compatiable between BD and CF.
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