Martin Atkins mart at
Wed May 25 02:37:04 PDT 2005

Brad Fitzpatrick wrote:
> Mart, other Perl hackers,
> Mark Smith and I were discussing today a new module today, tentatively
> called Net::OpenID::UserProfile, which would take a VerifiedIdentity
> object from Net::OpenID::Consumer and use the foaf/maker/rss/atom data
> that it discovers and makes available, and then actually goes and crawls
> those resources (perhaps in some defined order of preference) to build a
> UserProfile object with things like email (or hash), name, nick, blog URL,
> etc.
> Somebody want to write that?

Quick pointers:

Looks like somebody (is it *the* Ben Trott?) has written a FOAF library:

Also, VCard parser:
       (but it looks like it can't parse from a scalar, which might be
        a bit of a pain.)

Atom should be pretty easy. Just look for the author element in the 
"head" section and get the name and any other stuff from in there. (and 
get the blog URL and blog Title, of course.)

For RSS I guess we're looking at the Dublin Core elements. dc:author and 
dc:publisher seem like good places to look. This library looks like it 
might be of some help:

Shouldn't be too hard. I might work on it soon, though I have other 
commitments today. Anyone else can feel free to start on it if they want.

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