Dan Lyke danlyke at
Wed May 25 11:45:40 PDT 2005

Martin Atkins writes:
> Arg. There's an XML encoding too? Why can't these things just be simple?

Grin. Take heart, I know that there's the beginnings of provision in
LID to serve them in their original form, I'll pester Johannes to make
sure that action=text/x-vcard works.

> I really meant VCard files deployed on the web with auto-discovery, 
> though I'm starting to get the feeling that such a beast doesn't exist.

I'm betting they don't. LID does it through its query mechanism, but
for the most part the "<link rel=..." stuff has semantics that are
waaay too loose for folks to want to adopt until there's a widespread
usage. Chicken, meet egg.


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