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Wed May 25 13:16:07 PDT 2005

Cool.  Is there any reason for why this cool UserProfile 
mining/scraping/swiss-army-knife can't be
OpenID independent.  I.e. you create an instance and then you feed it 
various URL/pages;
possibly with format hints, and let it inhale what it can.  It would be 
sweet if it was easy to
add plug-ins; since there are an awful lot of one off meta tags et. al. 
in use out there as well
as a lot of badging do hickeys where if you run down the link under the 
badge there is often
some useful profile-ish data.

On May 25, 2005, at 5:05 AM, Brad Fitzpatrick wrote:

> Mart, other Perl hackers,
> Mark Smith and I were discussing today a new module today, tentatively
> called Net::OpenID::UserProfile, which would take a VerifiedIdentity
> object from Net::OpenID::Consumer and use the foaf/maker/rss/atom data
> that it discovers and makes available, and then actually goes and 
> crawls
> those resources (perhaps in some defined order of preference) to build 
> a
> UserProfile object with things like email (or hash), name, nick, blog 
> URL,
> etc.
> Net::OpenID::UserProfile would depend on lots of XML-heavy libraries 
> for
> the parsing, and would use the Net::OpenID::Consumer object itself
> (available as ->consumer from the VerifiedIdentity) to actually get the
> XML documents, so they're fetched with your UA of choice (probably
> LWPx::ParanoidAgent) and the caching/if-modified-since is done for you 
> by
> the Net::OpenID::Consumer caching framework, so you don't have to think
> about whether caching of resources is done to disk, database, etc.
> It'd look like:
> use Net::OpenID::Consumer;
> use Net::OpenID::UserProfile;
> my $vident = Net::OpenID::Consumer->verified_identity;
> my $profile = Net::OpenID::UserProfile->new(
>         identity => $vident,
> 	order => [ qw(foaf vcard atom rss) ],
> 	);
> print $profile->nick, "\n";
> print $profile->blog_url, "\n";
> print $profile->birth_date, "\n";
> ...
> Or something?
> Somebody want to write that?
> Mark expressed some interest but has little time and isn't completely
> comfortable with pretending to be an authority in interpretting 
> semantic
> XML data.  He might end up doing it, but he just said on AIM that he'd
> prefer to pass it off to somebody.
> - Brad
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