Brad Fitzpatrick brad at
Wed May 25 23:21:42 PDT 2005

Nice big update:

The caching stuff was the last big hole, so I'm not quite sure what is
left to do.  I guess I do LiveJournal consumer support now, unless
there are any requests from the audience.  (Mart? Junior?)

        * wrap Crypt::OpenSSL::DSA verify in eval {} as it can croak

        * use URI::Fetch, which does caching and proper HTTP behavior

        * let user get/set cache, which is then propogated down to URI::Fetch

        * optionally use new pure-perl version of Crypt::DSA which now
          does ASN.1 serialization/deserialization in both signatures and
          public keys.  brings total options of DSA verify techniques up
          to 3.

        * tmpdir option (and smart auto-configuration) for people using
          OpenSSL binaries to verify signatures.

        * security fix when doing DSA checks with system openssl binary
          (was previously parsing the wrong status)

        * misc reported bugfixes

- Brad

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