PHP OpenID consumer working! [was: PHP hackers wanted -- here's a seed]

Phillip Pearson pp at
Thu May 26 05:39:24 PDT 2005

> >Here's a little guestbook script, like Mart's, to show it off:
> >
> >
> >
> A little nitpick:
> You're correctly adding on http:// where no scheme is present, but 
> you're missing the step where if there are only two slashes you add one 
> to the end. Logging in as sends off 
> to LiveJournal, which it doesn't treat 
> as one of its own URLs.

Sure - fixed.

One thing it *doesn't* do is use the final URL if it hits redirects
along the way to fetching the page containing the <link rel> element.
So if I enter "", LJ will come back and
tell me I can't authenticate for ~myelin.  If I can get PHP to tell me
what the *actual* fetched URL was, I can fix this, though.  It looks
like Net::OpenID::Consumer does it properly.

> Other than that, it seems to work just fine. I like all of the debugging 
> information when you log in; much more informative than mine!

It used to dump out *far* too much info about the ASN parsing
process... but now it's down to a "safe level" I think!

Somebody is going to have to take all this code sometime and make some
sort of validator...:)


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