PHP hackers wanted -- here's a seed

Phillip Pearson pp at
Thu May 26 14:08:39 PDT 2005

> >(And repeating my call before: anyone want to write some DSS key
> >generation and signing routines in PHP?  I think Brad or Ben mentioned
> >that someone has done this in pure Perl - so anyone who can read Perl
> >and write PHP should be able to take this on.)
> Yeeeerk...
> Though I use it once in a while I *hate* Perl but I found some sample 
> DSS key generation & signing in C thus I can do it.
> Two questions:
> - Which kind of API would you want?
> - It looks trivial (less than 200 lines each), am I missing something or 
> are you lazier than me?

I'm lazier, definitely.  As it is this is taking all my spare time -
so if someone else can do bits of it, I'll have more time to do stuff
like put proper error checking into the consumer code :-)

As for an API, the key things I need are:

function create_dsa_key_pair()
	-> returns array($private_key, $public_key)

function dsa_sign_message($private_key, $message)
	-> returns $signature

create_dsa_key_pair() would return a private key (suitable to be
passed back into dsa_sign_message()) and a public key.

Ideally the public key would be PEM-encoded so I can print it straight
out on a getpublickey request, but returning an array of the key
integers in binary format or as stringified bigints would be OK too.

dsa_sign_message() would ideally return a signature suitable for
base64'ing, but an array of the signature integers in binary format or
as stringified bigints would be OK too.

Sound reasonable?

I'll mail you my current DSA signing / bigint code (from Daiji
Hirata's TypeKey code); it will probably be handy...


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