livejournal consumer support

Brad Fitzpatrick brad at
Thu May 26 23:32:43 PDT 2005

As a bit of a tease,

LiveJournal on my development machine now has the beginnings of OpenID
consumer support.  You can login with an OpenID url and it auto-vivifies
you a dummy account without a username, just using the little openid icon
instead of an LJ head (for your LJ-based profile, friends, comments, etc)
and the link text going to your OpenID URL, analogous to how the ljuser
link head/text go to LJ user's profile/journal now.

Soon you'll be able to add OpenID users as friends (read your
friends-only entries), trusted, banned, etc.

Fun stuff.

- Brad

P.S. If you're a Perl user and haven't tried Net::OpenID::Consumer, try
it... the LJ integration took less than ~50 lines of new code.

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