user@domain identity form musings

loune lpgcritter at
Fri May 27 02:18:24 PDT 2005

Hi List,

As I mentioned before, the draft specs for the ID system I was working 
on, instead of using URL, it uses IDs similar to emails. I've just 
realised that such a format could also be used with with open ID. A URI 
could contain the form http://user@domain/ and as long as the consumer 
passes this form to the ID server with the is_identity param, the ID 
server can take it and then do whatever verification with it.

So the end result is that multiple people can share a website and still 
be identified individually.

This is good for:
- People who don't have a blog/website, where they just could share an 
identity website
- Someone who is part of a large website can have their own ID
All in the form of myname at mygroup.tld.

I realise that this is kind of a hack, but as far as I can tell, it 
works within the bounds of the current spec.
What are your thoughts about this?



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