OpenID Spec Translations

Hiroaki KAWAI kawai at
Fri May 27 06:49:19 PDT 2005

Kristopher Tate <kris at> wrote:
> Hi everyone!

> I would like to announce that I have begun to translate the current 
> OpenID Spec <> into the Japanese 
> language.

I already finished the Japanese translation of the spec few
days ago and announced at this yadis list. :-)
Now I found the movement is so quick that the translation become stale
soon. So, day by day, I have to catch up and maintain the doc. 

I'd like to share the work if possible. How do you feel?
# I started to set up an easy alert system that watches the spec changes.
## As we do at the Apache httpd-docs project.

> Even though English is most predominate around the world, I'm sure that 
> our fellow international developers might benefit from extending this 
> protocol's documentation into languages that they are more comfortable 
> with...

Agree. I'm sure that there're many alpha geeks in Japan who're 
interested in this protocol. ;)

> And while I'm at it, I also had a question for Brad,
> Would it be too much to ask for a Japanese OpenID list? Some of my 
> friends across the pond are most eager to port their applications over 
> to OpenID -- and just like the rest of us, they do have certain 
> questions to be answered.

If we are going to setup that OpenID mailing list in Japanese lang, 
I think it is very nice that the ML is maintained by :-)
If decided not to setup that OpenID Japanese mailing list, 
I have some plans to propose. 

---Hiroaki Kawai
kawai at
Applied Research and Technology Division, 
Technology Department, 
Internet Initiative Japan Inc.

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