OpenID to TypeKey Proxy

Martin Atkins mart at
Fri May 27 10:30:28 PDT 2005

Benjamin Trott wrote:
> Hi,
>>The source code to this one isn't available since part of it is based
>>loosely on the TypeKey verification code from MovableType and I'm not
>>allowed to distribute that.
> You could actually use Authen::TypeKey instead, which is on CPAN, and which
> is licensed under the same terms as Perl:
>     <>

One of these days I'll remember to check CPAN first.

Source now available:

Now uses Authen::TypeKey and is free of Movable Type code. I lightly 
modified it so that I can pass it a hashref rather than an object. The 
modified source is on my site too:

As with the LID proxy, it currently depends on Memcached to store the 
session tokens.

Next plan is to make a generic OpenID proxy class which can be 
subclassed to create proxies for other similar auth systems. It'll also 
have the ability to separately configure how the session tokens are 
stored and retrieved, with just storing them as temporary files on disk 
as an example.

However, if you don't mind running a memcached instance or doing the 
(quite simple) work to make it write the tokens to disk you are welcome 
to take and use this now. You'll need to change the base URL and provide 
a TypeKey site ID. I've hidden mine in an external file because it's not 
clear to me whether they are sensitive information or not.

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