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Fri May 27 11:44:16 PDT 2005

By centralized namespace I assume you mean having a centralized system that 
each node relies upon to complete a transaction? This is not what I am 
suggesting at all. This is a backdoor, lets keep things solid and tight and 
allow easy access to each other without requiring anything. Think of it as 
more of a Subversion-styled system where everything is independent and yet 
with the proper credentials can be given access to the latest tagged bits or 
check code into a stream, etc... 

You can be independent without being severed completely from a system. 
Having backdoor access allows for exactly this.

On 5/27/05, Evan Martin <evan.martin at> wrote:
> On 5/27/05, M. David Peterson <xmlhacker at> wrote:
> > Excellent arguments Martin. I concede. :)
> >
> > Do you see value in using the <>?
> The whole point of OpenID as opposed to [insert system name here] is
> that there isn't a centralized namespace.

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