So what's next for YADIS dev?

David Recordon david at
Wed Nov 2 20:30:47 PST 2005

I need to take a bit of time and get caught up on everything that has
been posted this past week.  It is great to see all of this interest,
just haven't gotten a good chance to read and understand all of it.

Drummond should be posting the XRI proposal later this week and at that
point we'd like to look at using it instead of the proposed
application/x-meta-identity file.

>From there I think we'll all start hacking up the Wiki to come up with
the next rev of the spec.


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So, after a flurry of confusion and discussion and clarification about
YADIS goals (and some techniques), I have a simple question. What's

That question is primarily directed towards the YADIS initiators-- Brad,
David, and Johannes.

And what's next for the yadis spec? That being the two wiki pages:



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