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Thu Nov 3 01:29:01 PST 2005

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Richard 'toast' Russo wrote:
> Not necessarily to you in particular, but what is with everyone's
> hangup on user at host?
> 1) Even with some magic mapping function, it's just never going to
> work for everyone.  Period.
> 2) People aren't comfortable using email addresses as identifiers. 
> This is why you can set a username everywhere, even if they require
> an email address for registration.
> 3) What's a cooler identifier: russor at or
>  People use vanity domains for this, and
> requiring a user@ in front of the domain could reduce the coolness of
> the identifier.  (yes gets cannonicallized into
>, and i could have openid at
> instead... but that's particular to this vanity domain... if i had
> the domain ... i sure wouldn't want to put a user@ in front
> of it... and i can't just do iam at, because is taken)
I think that you miss his point, though it could just as well be me
missing points around here. Anyway, in response to point (1), no one
said it /had/ to that I've seen. Just that it /could/ be an option (not
should be). As far as point (2) goes, that's valid, but as per my
response to (1), don't use that format if you don't want to. (3) seems
to be a bit spurious, as "coolness" is not an objective standard that
can really be used in developing an open protocol. Again, if you want a
cool URL, then use one.

I think that user at domain would be cool (scratch that- I said cool isn't
a good measure, haven't I? OK, it would be desirable), but my concern is
that it would lead to feature bloat, and require a more heavyweight
client, consumer and identity. Why do I think it would be cool
(desirable)? I am tired of having so many different IDs for completely
arbitrary reasons, and if I could have an OID that's the same as my
e-mail addr., XMPP ID, and local user name, I'd be happy. Not that I'm
anywhere close, as I've alluded to elsewhere in the thread, but any step
closer is appreciated. As I've said, though, I feel that the cost may
well outweigh the benefits. Furthermore, there are higher priorities
ahead even if it was found to be worth it.

- --Chris
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