User @ domain.tld as ID (Once again)

Mike Hearn mike at
Thu Nov 3 09:14:21 PST 2005

On Thu, 03 Nov 2005 08:05:54 -0800, Granqvist, Hans wrote:
> The 'user at' construct never reached the same standing
> with common web users, since it was never really an end-user 
> browser facing descriptor.

Huh? Are you saying that users aren't familiar with email addresses, but
if you put "mailto:" in front they are? 

I don't buy that at all, I think some browsers don't actually ever display
mailto: but put something like "Click to send email to XXX" in their
status bar.

Meanwhile people put email addresses on their business cards, letters, web
sites, leaflets, whatever. It's definitely one of the most well known
and friendly user id forms (as opposed to say, customer numbers).

thanks -mike

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