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Daniel E. Renfer duck at
Thu Nov 3 10:50:32 PST 2005

Mike Hearn wrote:
> On Thu, 03 Nov 2005 13:03:57 -0500, Daniel E. Renfer wrote:
>> It would also be cool if sites that gave out openid's with usernames in 
>> the url would list their regex pattern in the meta of their site. That 
>> way, if my consumer can't find a rule for '' in it's 
>> list, then it could hit to look for a 
>> pattern there, or else fail.
> That would be OK but sounds pretty complicated. Why not just have
> "/openid/username" be the URL to access in every case? You need a
> connection point somewhere, having another magic <head> tag pointing to a
> regex doesn't seem any better than having a magic URL.
> thanks -mike
The reason for using this method is because livejournal (nor any other 
domain) currently uses the format /openid/{username} for their profile 
pages, and they shouldn't have to change that. Using my method, the site 
is free to use whatever url-space they want for their profiles, and the 
client will try to match that form before sending off the identity.

A few example urls:
Livejournal -{username}/
Yahoo -{username}
Videntity - http://{username}
Myspace -{username} -{username}
Technorati -{username}

All of these sites have a different pattern to their URL's, they should 
have no need to standardize on a url pattern.

Daniel E. Renfer (

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