OpenID adoption - any new consumers?

Firas D. fd at
Fri Nov 4 14:45:58 PST 2005

Daniel E. Renfer wrote:

> It's more like we've seen the limit of early adopters. Now we just 
> need one or two big websites to start allowing linking of their OpenId 
> to their existing account systems. We need a sites like Yahoo or 
> Myspace or Slashdot to both run servers, and accept OpenId's in lieu 
> of their traditional username/password combo. Once we have a few more 
> big names using OpenId, you'll start to see a whole lot more of the 
> smaller sites following suit.
> Ahhh... critical mass, if only it were easy to get.

I don't think this is quite accurate... The spec and consumer libraries 
are young/in development. It's not 'yahoo or nothing', there's still 
lots of space to expand in terms of support by blogging and forum tools 
and the like, via their core or provided by plugins. The same way RSS did.

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