Merging Capability Discovery and XRID Proposals into Spec

David Recordon david at
Mon Nov 7 20:24:55 PST 2005

Right now I’m working on merging Mart’s spec changes into the spec on the Wiki.  It will be in a little bit of flux as I also work on merging in the XRID proposal as well.  I should be done in the next hour or two and at that point would love to get more feedback especially around how XRIDs have been integrated.

Johannes and I spoke today about trying to get a more formal process in place for getting changes merged into the spec.  For now, just follow the “draft proposals” instructions on, post about your proposal on the mailing list, and then once it is hashed out a bit and it seems right we’ll go ahead and merge it in.  We want to make sure everyone can be involved as much as they want to, but for right now we still need a bit of ownership for the spec.


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