The reliance on Content-type

Martin Atkins mart at
Fri Nov 11 00:10:09 PST 2005

Ernst Johannes wrote:
> (Note that these concerns where the very reason why originally had  the
> meta=lid / meta=capabilities arguments -- this problem is far  smaller
> when doing so.)

I see that as not being much different to using a "magic" filename,
transforming (for example) into

Using the URL that the user entered seems like the only safe way to
ensure that it'll work everywhere. Making up URLs requires that all
server software be able to support your view of how URLs work, which in
a world that's moving away from a directory full of static files and
towards crazy content management systems is not always a valid assuption.

If any "magic" URL transformations are going to occur, I'd rather it be
to another "filename" than adding a query string argument. I don't
really like either, though.

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