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Steven Roussey sroussey at
Fri Nov 11 18:14:43 PST 2005

OK, thanks. I was looking around some more and it seems like there is push
for something called Yadis (now I know where the name of this list comes
from). It seems like things are still in transition -- is there a reasonable
timetable for it?

Also, it looks like it assumes the user is already logged in at the other
site for this to work, is that correct? Seems like there ought to be some
sort of UI for that - in place on the page.

One last thing: does the profile authentication return a username? I want
something that resembles an email address (but it need not be one, in fact
may be better if it is not). So "sroussey from" for something
like a URL (or perhaps the same
username for something like I'd want a concise
username and a domain name, rather than a URL, and the username would need
to be unique for the domain name.


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Christopher E. Granade wrote:
> Steven Roussey wrote:
>> I'm contemplating using OpenID for our site (and other unnamed ones). I
>> a few questions:
>>   1. Where can I find various user interface examples of 
>>      implementation (client)?
>>   2. How many (and who are they?) sites use the ID service 
>>      that have a minimum of 1,000,000 registered users?
>>   3. Is there a PHP implementation of the client and server?
>> Thanks,
>> Steven Roussey
> I don't know about (3), but the answers to (1) and (2) are LiveJournal
> and LiveJournal. Seriously, LJ has put a lot of work into making OID
> work for them.
> - --Chris

For 3) See for Videntity's PHP-OpenID library.
(Based heavily off the python libraries.)

For 2) One Million Movable Type users?  Maybe.  Movable Type 3.2
apparently has OpenID support as far as comment authentication
(consumers) goes.  I'm unsure if it's TypeKey specifically, or something
built into the software.
See or for more details.
Also LiveJournal (and DeadJournal too) as stated above.

1) LiveJournal, as mentioned previously.  (DeadJournal also, for the
same reason.) and the Wiki has a lot of simple integrations.
And the original AJAX+Classic demo loom somewhere, let's see if I can
find it...
There it is, the original proof of concept:

The Videntity Wiki has OpenID logins allowed.  And the patch is
available for any media wiki administrators.

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