XRI Resolution 2.0 Working Draft 09 (with XRDs)

Drummond Reed drummond.reed at cordance.net
Fri Nov 11 18:30:24 PST 2005

As promised, a new Working Draft of XRI Resolution 2.0 has been posted by



Perhaps the most important feature of this new draft, based on feedback from
Johannes, Brad, David, and the YADIS list (and after much discussion with
XRI TC members who believe strongly in the usefulness of a simple,
extensible metadata discovery format) is that breaks what was a formerly
single XML namespace for XRI descriptor documents (XRIDs) into two XML
namespaces: one for a namespace-neutral, non-versioned container element for
extensible resource description, and one a versionable, extensible set of
elements set designed to be used within the container for general resource

It also gives these new XML namespaces technology- and identifier-neutral
names: XRDS (Extensible Resource Descriptor Set) for the container element,
and (XRD - Extensible Resource Descriptor) for the element set.

XRDs are now covered in a standalone section of the spec right up front
(section 2), so the XRD resource description format and XML namespaces are
usable and referenceable entirely independent of XRIs and XRI resolution.

In addition, based on feedback from the W3C Technical Architecture Board
during the public review last spring, this Working Draft adds full support
for expressing any XRI as an HTTP URI (i.e., URL). This new form of XRI
(called an HXRI) works with a special form of XRI resolution called HTTP
proxy resolution, which is fully specified so anyone can offer an
interoperable HTTP proxy resolver.

We'd love your feedback -- just post it here (a number of the XRI TC members
are now on the list) and we'll incorporate it into Working Draft 10, due at
the end of the month before the start of the OASIS-wide vote on XRI Syntax


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