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Ernst Johannes at
Mon Nov 14 12:07:59 PST 2005

While the wiki is great for the purposes of evolving a technical  
baseline quickly, it isn't so great at producing a "stable" version  
of a standard that implementors can point to as something that they  
have implemented and tested against. Which is why we've had the PDF  
file in addition to the wiki from the beginning.

Let me introduce Joaquin Miller, who happens to have extensive  
standards editing experience (e.g. Object Management Group, RM-ODP  
and others -- you might have read his "UML Guide" at some point), and  
who I have the pleasure working with at NetMesh. He has agreed to  
edit the YADIS master document that will (hopefully soon ...) produce  
a YADIS 1.0 "frozen" standard based on all the great discussion that  
has been going on on the mailing list and the wiki. We've all got to  
figure out the exact process by which changes make it into that  
document, and by which we will agree on declaring "YADIS  
1.0" (thoughts anybody?) but I think having an editor is a great  
initial step.

He's been lurking on this list for a while ...


Johannes Ernst
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