Please help with the OpenID FAQ!

Rasqual Twilight oid at
Tue Nov 15 17:18:30 PST 2005


I would like to point out the existence of an OpenID FAQ on the LifeWiki 

As a user figuring out how the technology works, I am certainly not the 
most at ease when dealing with questions like
 What are the benefits and contraints of "dumb mode" and "smart mode"?
 Can I use OpenID over HTTPS, FTP, or another protocol?
whose answers may or may not be somewhere on this list's archives; I don't 
feel like crawling them at the moment.

There are also questions I cannot think of all the possible answers at the 
 What are the major features and benefits for users and for developers?

Not that I'm lazy about doing it, but I'd prefer if everyone participates 
in writing it. AFAIK, this is one of the goals of a Wiki site.

Please have a look and do not hesitate to log-in and edit things!
If you have questions you feel are important, go ahead and add them!

P.S.: needs logos (.psd .vml 
ico .png and so on); your help is also needed there I think.



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