proposal for capabilities lookup

Ernst Johannes at
Thu Nov 17 14:37:29 PST 2005

On Nov 17, 2005, at 14:01, Dag Arneson wrote:
> I'd like to suggest using 'X-YADIS' as the header field for the  
> capabilities document.

There are those of us who think that "YADIS" is only a temporary  
name... and can't think of a better one it has to be said ... (and,  
admittedly, those others who think it's the coolest name since yacc)

And those of us who think that this "j-meta" lookup is a much more  
general thing that just something relating to identity. (see Mart's  
comment on the Talk:Open_Issues page in the wiki)

Personally I'm fine with any character string that I can read ;-)

BTW, I'm not sure how to "officially" do HTTP header extensions ...  
X- is brittle, but the RFC that used numbers and URLs seems to not  
have gone anywhere... anybody have any insight what the current best  
practice is?

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