A bit more info on HTTP OPTIONS

Peter Davis peter.davis at neustar.biz
Fri Nov 18 14:22:15 PST 2005

It would appear that Apache support is a little shaky (unless that's changed
since this post).  It also seems more oriented towards 'server' capabilties,
rather than resource capabilties.  But perhaps that's just the result of me
only quickly skimming.


On 11/18/2005 1:23 PM, "Dan Libby" <danda at videntity.org> wrote:

> this page talks about OPTIONS in some detail, including implementation details
> with apache and PHP.  The good news seems to be that a PHP script can
> entirely control the output to an OPTIONS request.  However, support may be
> lacking in other servers/environments.
> http://www.mnot.net/blog/2005/04/03/options
> Does anyone this list have first-hand experience with the OPTIONS method?

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