proposal for capabilities lookup

Xageroth Sekarius xageroth at
Sun Nov 20 14:48:05 PST 2005

On 11/19/05, Michael Graves <groupmg at> wrote:
> If you're OK with "index.html" being a *convention* for serving HTTP requests
> on a directory, then I can't see any problem with "yadis.xml" becoming an
> analogous convention to "index.html".

The difference is if I don't want "index.html" to be my default, I can
make "index.php" or "default.asp" my default. If I want anything other
than "robots.txt" or "favicon.ico" or "yadis.xml" I'm stuck. Since we
now use a LINK tag to change "favicon.ico", why not do the same for

So the primary method would be a CGI request of "meta=capabilities"
and if the user is for whatever reason unable to handle such a request
the response will be a HTML page and would then depend on a LINK rel
for the "yadis.xml" location. (ie: rel="identity.capabilities"?) which
is similar to if a "favicon.ico" file is not found but a LINK points
to an icon from the page. That follows the Accept requirements as well
of XML

Xageroth Sekarius
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